Sheriff David Fulton Douglass

In a serene setting just past 15934 Airport Rd, you’ll find a monument to Nevada County Sheriff David Fulton Douglass. It is about 3/4 m. from the junction of Airport and Lake Vera Rds, in Nevada City.

On July 26, 1896, Sheriff Douglass and a bandit he was tracking, both died in a gun fight at this spot. Sheriff Douglass was killed by the highwayman’s partner, who got away and many years later confessed to the killing. A nearby plaque identifies the spot where the dead bandit lay. Sheriff Douglass was buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.

Further information, including the texts of the plaques, can be found in the Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission publication “Exploring Nevada County” available in electronic format from You Bet Press, and in paperback at many local stores.

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