Featured Landmark: Graniteville

If you continue heading east on the N. Bloomfield-Graniteville Rd. after the pavement ends, you will in a few miles come to Graniteville, one of the few inhabited towns in California that cannot be reached over a paved road.  And the residents, officially 11 though that number swells during the summer, like it that way. Their existence is a hardy one, reminiscent in many ways of the town’s pioneer days.  There are no commercial establishments, but there is a volunteer fire department. Although the last few miles are unpaved, 4 wheel drive is not required.

Graniteville dates from 1850, when it was known as Eureka, and is our most remote town. You can learn more about Graniteville’s history from the linked Wikipedia article.

If you are using the 2017 electronic edition of Exploring Nevada County, Graniteville is site 141 on map 8. You’ll pass by many other landmarks on maps 6 and 7 before you reach Graniteville, making this a great day trip. Since you may lose Internet access, consider saving offline maps, using the instructions on Google Help.

Map Link

Graniteville Article


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