The Purpose of the Commission

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Nevada County lay at the heart of the 49er experience. Many thousands came here to make their fortune and much evidence of their successes and occasional failures remains. From bustling towns still largely unchanged from the Gold Rush era to ghost towns, from gold mines and mining equipment to covered bridges and the first long-distance telephone line, these and much more can be found among the almost 200 historical landmarks situated in Nevada County. The Nevada County Historical Landmarks Commission exists to help you find and enjoy them. A good way to start is by using our interactive map, developed with the support of the Nevada County Geographical Information Systems unit. With special thanks to Sarah Deal of the County’s GIS unit, the latest version of the interactive map is now live. Here is the link if you want to take it for a spin.

Interactive Map

New video

Below is a video produced by the Historical Landmarks Commission called Landmarks of Nevada County: Preserving Our Unique History. Enjoy!

Our Book

Exploring Nevada County

The 2018 Edition of our ebook, Exploring Nevada County, is available for the iPhone and iPad and the Amazon Kindle. For more information, click here. Copies of the earlier paperback edition are still available. Click here.

One thought on “Home

  1. We were just at Donner State Park for the Pioneer Monument celebration. A speaker for your group mentioned that the statue was unveiled by Kathryn De Rome. This is true, but Helen Chapman, daughter of Dr. C. W. Chapman, chairman of the Donner Monument for the Native Sons of the Golden West, also shared the honor. According to family history and Doris Foley’s book, The Pioneer{Donner} Monument, the honor was shared by both girls. It is mentioned on page 23 of her book. She was a close friend of Dr. Chapman, both of them, and others were founders of the NC Historical Society. Fifty years later, Helen Chapman was invited to the park to reenact the unveiling. I hope this information will be added to the history of the Monument in Nevada County. My wife, Debbie Chapman Luckinbill, and I still live in Dr. Chapman’s home in Nevada City. Thanks for your time. Jim Luckinbill


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